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Elevating Housing

Supportive Housing that Promotes Independence

Elevate, in partnership with Equal Development, LLC and Valenti Property Management, is planning to develop an inclusive residential community that will create a culture of support and independence for individuals with disabilities. In August of 2023, the team will apply for funding to construct 30 to 50 residential units within Henderson County. Elevate will construct a new facility on the campus of the residential community and offer supports to individuals to help them lead a more independent life.

Half of the apartments in the community will offer permanent supportive housing services and accept referrals through the coordinated entry process. One of the main purposes of coordinated entry is to ensure that people with the most severe service needs and levels of vulnerability are prioritized for housing and homeless assistance. Individuals who qualify for permanent supportive housing have a disability that presents a significant health barrier, behavioral health challenges or functional impairments which require a significant level of support to maintain permanent housing.

The rest of the community will be traditional affordable housing, available to any individual who meets income guidelines. All residents, in both designated permanent supportive housing and traditional affordable housing, will be able to access supports through Elevate and other community partners.

Affordable Housing

Supportive Services

Creating a Community of Support

Residents in the community will have opportunities for socialization, mentorship, group activities that build strong relationships among neighbors.

Creating a Path to Independence

Individuals with disabilities that create a barrier to independence will have access to case management who will create a person centered program of supports to help each resident reach milestones toward living independently.

Community Partnerships

Workforce Development

Coming Together to Achieve Success

We elevate our community by elevating each other.  Community service organizations are invited to participate in all aspects of residential life and support services.  Designated space for organizations to have a continual presence will be available.

Finding Independence Through Employment

Residents will have access to employment services.  Job Development, employment search and interview skills services.  Once a resident finds employment, they will have access to ongoing supports to ensure they find long term success in their job placement.

Supportive Housing : Projects
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