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Frequently Asked Questions


When do day training services occur?

Elevate operates day training services Monday through Fridays from 8am to 3pm.  Participants begin arriving to the center anytime after 7am.

What happens during day training?

Participants will develop a list of personal goals when they are accepted into the day training program.  Classes, work based learning and community experiences are created to help the participant achieve personal goals.  

Participants may choose to participate in a variety of classes, including math, reading, current events, coping skills, socialization, self-advocacy, workplace safety, handwriting, workplace communication, nutrition, and various adult living skills classes.  

Participants who choose to participate in direct prevocational learning have the opportunity to work in our warehouse performing various light assembly tasks or work off-site at a local business in a more integrated setting.  All work is paid at or above minimum wage based on the task performed.

Participants have the opportunity to participate in a variety of community outings, including visiting local organizations, going out to lunch, walking at the Riverfront, or a host of other unique experiences. 

How can I attend day training?

Elevate accepts referrals for participants on the Supports for Community Living Waiver and Michelle P. Waiver.  Individuals with waiver supports can apply for day training through their case manager. 

Individuals who do not have waiver supports can participate through our private pay program.  Contact the program department for more information about private pay services. 

Is transportation provided?

Participants who have Medicaid services may access GRITs transportation if they live in Daviess, Henderson, Union, or Webster counties.  Participants who live in the city of Henderson can apply for paratransit services through the HART Transit System operated by the City of Henderson.

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