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Adult Day Training

Life Skills and Work Ready Training

The daily activities of Elevate are comprised of person-centered programs, focused on the individual goals of each of our participants: Goals to help gain independence, to live and work in our community, to serve others, and to explore and develop unique talents and gifts, as we create an atmosphere of support, empowerment, and sustainability for everyone we serve.


Employment Services

Creating an Inclusive Community, One Workplace at a Time

Elevate’s Supported Employment team is committed to providing quality services to job seekers and to employers.  Supported employment specialists work side by side with employers and individuals to provide thorough job searching, training and placement.  Individuals and employers are able to find long term success when skills, interests and abilities are correctly matched to the right job.


Business Partnerships

Light Assembly Services to Local and Regional Businesses.

Elevate provides light assembly services to local and regional businesses, utilizing these relationships to provide prevocational training to participants.  Through Supervised on-site temporary employment, they receive valuable work experience while providing services to local businesses. 

While earning a paycheck, participants learn fine motor skills, working with others and important soft skills through these valuable business partnerships.

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